USMNT ultimately gets a significant win with Yunus Musah

November’s friendly matches against Wales and Panama could have been the biggest teasing of all time. She kind of felt like that at the time. It was the first time that the United States only brought together players from Europe, which many fans demanded. Because who didn’t have the tiredness to see that another attack collapsed due to Gyasi Zardes retro shovel touch?

However, many players on this team who were attracted to the B team of Wales and hammered Panama were either barely out of high school or nearby, barely playing for their club teams, or not even fully committed in the long run in the United States. The line for this team to say these friendlies, watching Brazil or Germany in a semi-final of the 2026 World Cup in New York was fraught with peril. And that’s not even the peril that AMERICAN football imposes on him with its kinky and inexplicable antics.

It may be only a small step, but it seems bigger than that, with today’s news that Yunus Musah has decided to represent the United States at the international level. Musah was qualified for England, Italy and Ghana, but he was apparently conquered by his experience in November and the communication of US Soccer and manager Gregg Berhalter.

If you are a fan of USMNT and have spent the last six years swimming in your own misery, provided it has not turned into complete indifference, you can’t help but think of November. That was then that Musah lined up alongside Tyler Adams and Weston McKennie in a three midfielders and they thought, ” Yeah, I’ll have that for the next 10 years, thank you.”It is rare and indeed unheard of that the United States can simply feed the same education at any place in the field for years until all have reached their peak. It was hard not to dream.

Not that Musah is a guarantee of everything. He is still the only 18. Valencia has been a total waste this season, and it does not take much for a Spanish club to lose its marbles and dismiss one or two managers and bring another with a different vision. Musah also has to experience his own growing pains, and he can ask Christian Pulisic of all this if he wants more information.

As a player, Musah also has a lot of growth to do, like any player who has just turned 18 years old. Musah is really good at running and putting pressure on the ball, but his rude contributions still have a long way to go. The future of Musah on the field, in the middle or on a wing, remains to be seen. Berhalter has not hesitated to play him centrally, which is very good part of Musah’s commitment, because here the player sees his future. Musah undoubtedly has the skills and potential to be a creator of the midfield, he only moves from point A to point B. that takes more than pleasure and a smile on Europe’s biggest stages.

Yet it is impossible not to dream of Musah, mckennie and Adams terrorising even the best midfielders in the world with their energy and speed. At the moment it’s a little easy to inspire because Mckennie’s game is more about finishing and being the last runner on the repair surface than creating. But it is a concern for another time.

Musah is a player who has played regularly for one of the biggest clubs in Spain at the age of 17. He had several countries hunting for his services. The credit should go to Berhalter, who has not yet won on a large number of fans, as he is considered the man of the American football Society, for having shown what Musah could be in the configuration of the national team. Although Musah would certainly have been attracted to the easier route to launch 11 with the United States, which he might have found with England, he was also convinced that the United States was really building something special. This is the second major victory of Berhalter recently, the first to engage Serginho Least with the Stars and Stripes. Whatever it sells, buy young and exciting players. That can only be a good thing.

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