Trevor Stewart goes down Power Five in relay

North Carolina’s A&T athletics program, led by Director Duane Ross, has won the national men’s 4×400 relay championship for the first time in the school’s history after Trevor Stewart of a&T completed one of the most impressive runs of the year.

It is the first time an HBCU track program has won a national title at this event since 1966, when Morgan State won the second of its championships in a row. But on Saturday, the season of North Carolina A & T Stewart, Randolph Ross Jr., Elijah Young and Daniel Stokes-recorded the fifth fastest time in NCAA history, with a time of 3:03:16.

While it may be surprising that an HBCU conquers a national championship among opponents like Power Five, the fact that North Carolina A&T is the only one to take the throne should not surprise anyone.

Ross has been building a power plant program in North Carolina A & T since 2012.During his tenure, eight athletes won first-team all-American honors in indoor or outdoor, including four athletes who have won multiple first-team honors. In addition, eight other athletes won the award of the second all-American team and three of these student-athletes won several awards of the second team.

In 2019, Kayla White won a national championship and won the 200 m indoor title. It was the first national championship for school in all sports.

The Aggies Athletics program has been voted into the top TEN in the country several times in recent years, both indoors and outdoors. They had to show up at the NCAA Championships last year before recent time derailed their hopes.

After a year of racial awakening, in which we led HBCUS for the first time, it is nice to see that a program like NCAT continues to gain national power and prominence.

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