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Racist Meyers Leonard interchanged to OKC, possible to be reduced

Meyer’s behavior was so racist that a 74% White Oklahoma team cut him off

Well, we all felt that day was coming. The heat and probably the entire NBA are at least for now settled with Leonard DE Meyer.

Earlier this month, Leonard used an anti-Semitic slogan while broadcasting a video game on Twitch and has since been fined ligue 50,000 by the league and suspended from the team for a week.

Now, according to ESPN, Leonard was traded for Trevor Ariza and a second-round pick in 2027 to the Oklahoma City Thunder. It has also been reported that the thunder will likely part ways with Leonard once the trade is over.

Leonard will be the most notable name in business because of his recent actions and the impact he has on his career, but there are also other notable statistics that this trade brings.

First, for the thunder, this gives the Organization 19 first-round picks or pick swaps and 16 second-round picks in the next seven projects, according to StatMuse. Read this again. Come on, I’m waiting. 35 choices / swaps over seven years. More than one full turn. More than two complete lists. Yes.

Shai Gilg and Alexander are a rising star in the league and the Thunder have always shown they can draw exceptionally well. If you continue to get Gilgeous-Alexander can help an OKC boy might be on the rise.

The other interesting fact is that this trade makes Trevor Ariza the most traded player in NBA history. Yes! The versatile defender and three-point marksman was traded eleven times during his 15-year career. It is always interesting for Players who are traded. This means that a team really wanted or needed it, but it also means that a team wanted or needed it.

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