Know everything about Russell Wilson

I know that from the beginning a Bears fan means that A) I think everything is going to go wrong no matter what, and B) I have no real appreciation for what it means for an NFL team to have a prominent quarterback. I have never seen up close. I thought I did it once, and it turned out that this whole guy was really good at chasing what had killed his chickens (and he wasn’t even that good at it!). So in a way, I just have to accept my brothers scratching in the dark for any sense of protection.

Maybe the greatest thing the NFL has ever done was make sure it’s never the NFL season. It is the part of the calendar, where the games bonus and Cup season to be played, then it is the free Agency season, then it’s Draft season, then it is the minicamp season, and pretty much the only break comes somewhere in June and early July. Then it’s time for boot camp. They are never at the top of the headlines.

Fans devour everything new, who is labeled, who is released, who gets into the draft painting and who falls, what is today’s rumor? It became as important as the season itself. It could even be more confrontational.

Of course, this kind of thing only feeds attention-the whore appetite for a guy like Russell Wilson. At least DeShaun Watson had the decency to demand his trade and then the peace in retirement in which he finds himself. Sort this shit out and call me when it’s over. Wilson seems to feed on it, because he has spent his whole career trying to believe it that he is not real. He was always a guy who had a whole organization to meet all his needs, and that was still not enough, so we came here in the first place.

But none of this bothers anyone in Chicago or elsewhere who is still bleeding blue and orange. We have to go through this. This leads us to the figurative by drinking the sand of cryptic tweets or lowered betting odds or updating the feeds of NFL insiders every hour and trying to decipher something even though they are clearly playing with us at this point. You could talk about burning the chicken in the oven on Twitter and we’re here running into the walls wondering if that means the deal is done. We do shit like that!

Wilson can write a Bible verse (seriously, getting fucked), and we remain hopelessly hoping that he is talking about Chicago as a kind of redemption. This place. Hi. Good Lord.

And we have no choice, since the history of the team is an absolute embarrassment at the only position that defines an entire franchise. And this has been the matter all our lives. There is a helplessness to it, like being on a homemade raft on the ocean. We go where the tides and the wind lead us, leaving us needlessly paddling with our hands in the hope that a ship will pass through us or over us, whatever.

It’s the feeling of being just a toy that gets me. There’s something about a quarterback who said he wanted to come here. Because there is no reason to come to the bears. The property is out of contact. The fan base is twisted. Seriously, we’re still defined by a 30-year-old SNL sketch where she really accents from Wisconsin and one of the guys has died for almost 25 fucking years. The GM and the coach are essentially auditioning for their jobs, which would just mean that the clown car gets a group of properties to make another rent, which is how we get into this swamp. Or rather, they’ll hire a consulting firm to hire the next GM, because somehow a family that has owned the Bears forever and literally hasn’t done anything else has no connection or no idea of who the league’s promotion prospects are at the executive or coaching level. That tells you pretty much everything.

Why any quarterback would take this situation, and the barely 8-8 list that upsets his main rude weapon to the point that he doesn’t want to be here, it’s also above the ceiling and has big holes and saying, “Yeah, that’s for me,” is confusing. Unless Wilson thinks he can lead the team completely, and in the desperation of Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy to cling to their work, they will do what he wants. Even past the point the Seahawks made. And if it does not work? Well, he’ll hire the next GM and trainer, basically. The first time Nagy doesn’t let Wilson throw 45 times in a game when that should happen, and you can bet that this is the exact scenario that starts to dance in his head.

And yet…we have no choice. Even if I can’t shake the feeling that Wilson in Chicago would only Cutler in Chicago II – an extremely talented quarterback playing for a dipshit organization that can never muster the talent around him or the coaches to fully utilize his skills to never overcome the dizzying heights of 10-6 – I have to hope that this happens. That would be the best thing to happen to the bear in a while, perhaps never, even if the sense of impending fate never disappears.

The first lines of Fury Road? This is with us. Hunted and hunted. Surviving in a wasteland, to the point that joining Lord Humongous does not sound so bad (a mixture of MAD Max metaphors).

The fans are essentially in the same place as the team itself. While Pace has to open the doors and tell the Seahawks to take everything they want, we have to read and hear it all, and although we are constantly mocked, there is no other choice. The team is that far behind. One would kill to be somewhere else, but that is the landscape. That is what is proposed, and the rest are half measures that can give no answer. We are each according to his mood.

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