Know about some of the buzzer beaters from last night

There is no such thing as Summer Beater Season. But if it were, it would start around a week (now) and end in early April. You and I have seen a lot of gambling payouts in our time. Will Buzzer beaters grow old? You know the Answer. (They don’t.)

Last night we got two vouchers from the WCC Women’s Championship and the CCA men’s tournament.

Let’s start in Las Vegas, where the Zags dropped to BYU with less than a second on the clock. A conference championship and an automatic bid to the NCAA women’s tournament in Texas were at stake. So, well, look.

They didn’t have to look at him. Jill Townsend did it on time and her troupe will continue to dance until the Lone Star State.

Now let’s move on to the ACC Men’s Tournamey tournament, where the first round match is often impossible to win. But if you went to an ACC school That has to play in one of those first games (Go Deacs), the TV is on.

That game between Wake Forest and Notre Dame was tied at 77, with Wake trying to make the winning shot… which was blocked. The Irish took the ball a few steps from the square and Trey Wertz tapped in one from Steph Curry Range.

Brutal, at least for me.

The good news is that Notre Dame and Duke probably won’t make the NCAA tournament. Oh, And there will undoubtedly be more Buzzer beaters as this month continues.

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