Jonnu Smith is a powerful, Gronk-esque inclusion for the Patriots

The Patriots were lost in the dark the first year of their post-Brady era. The Cam Newton experiment didn’t work, in part because of his action with recent time, and the list turned out to be incredibly uninspired weapons to work with. Atypically, Bill Belichick entered the time of Free Agency’s lawful manipulation to get Talent, adding Jonnu Smith to the team, giving him the second-largest pile of money the patriots have ever spent on a Free Agency player.

When the Patriots were at their best, the infrastructure with Premier Rob Gronkowski crossed the TE Position. Gronk traveled in the middle of the field and was a dominant force in the red zone. Since leaving, terrible oppressive Ryan Izzo, who has scored 199 yards and touchdowns in 12 games, is the most important that the Patriots have retired from the Position.

Smith is an Animal of an Athlete. According to PlayerProfiler, his 4.62 40-yard dash at the 2017 NFL Combine is good for 88 percent. He is fast and powerful for his size, with fantastic ball abilities and is deadly after capture. It perfectly suits the patriots, who sorely lack not only TE, but also the position of catcher.

Looking for a Gronk-ish substitute, you get one that has none of the off-field silly that the above-mentioned extreme/alien personality carried. You don’t have to worry about alcohol driving or professional wrestling with the talented 25-year-old. Smith is coming off an eight-Touchdown season and needs to strengthen in his scheme.

Will Smith release numbers comparable to one of the biggest tight Ends in League history? Probably not. When healthy, Gronk was essential a lock for 1,000 plus receiving yards and double-digit touchdowns. He was an impossible force. Smith may not replicate this ridiculous production, but he has the skills and athleticism to contribute to the Infrastructure.

Who you’ll get in the quarterback is a whole other issue. They brought back Cam Newton on a replacement-level contract, but it must be assumed that they will be aggressive in the NFL draft to find their near Franchise signal call.

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