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Find here about the teams who won back-to-back NCAA title games

In ancient times-you know, the ’60s and’ 70s-Ucla won the NCAA title every year, and twice on Sunday. The modern era (since the expansion of brackets in 1985) has seen more parity, and the number of repeated champions has been thin. Most people can name the two teams that did it: Duke in 1991-92 and Florida in 2006-07. But there are five other programs that have also made two title tilt in a row, but haven’t won both. Two teams lost the championship and then avenged it the following year; one team won it, but could not repeat it; and two others lost both appearances.

Two of the most historic programs of modern times-and its fiercest rivals-pave the way here. Duke (1990-91) and North Carolina (2016-17) have turned a bitter disappointment into an ultimate victory. The Blue Devils were carried to the Bridge of sighs against UNLV 1990-short high school at 30-but then ruined the bid before rennst’rebs to the perfect season in a Final Four redux en route to a title on Kansas.

Arkansas and their” 40 minutes of Hell ” have won everything in 1994, but they have fallen, Ed O’Bannon, Tyus Edny and Bruins UCLA won their only title in the era of March Madness in 1995 (the poor dears).

And woe is the FAB Five of Michigan in 1992-93 losers against Duke and North Carolina (with the famous non-timeout of Chris Webber) and Butler in 2010-11 losers against Duke and UConn (with arguably the ugliest last game ever).

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