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Can very well kicked, as Andy Dalton would not fix a sole issue for the Bears

The Chicago Bears are officially the Bad News Bears of the NFL. His free agent signing by quarterback Andy Dalton was hardly a solution to this Franchise’s lingering QB dilemma.

Instead of really solving the problem, the bears simply hit.

And if you’re a Bears Fan, you should panic that Dalton was brought in to replace Mitch Trubisky. This is not an Upgrade or Solution.

The only difference is that the bear problem now has red hair. This simply cannot be the Backup Plan for landing a quarterback.

At first, it seemed that the bears meant business and were honestly going to shake NFL America.

Chicago has publicly claimed that if Russell Wilson is available in Seattle, they want the Super Bowl-winning quarterback, who has very publicly dispelled his frustrations about his team, coach and rude line.

But the Seahawks reportedly told the bears that Wilson was not available to them at that time.

The only thing worse than hiring Dalton to a an 10 million, one-year contract is that the bears are going to kick themselves because they don’t exploit their top five defenses. Dalton’s agreement makes them believe that this defense, the team’s only glimmer of hope, is wasted.

Dalton, 33, played last season for the Dallas Cowboys in Mop-up duty after Dak Prescott was injured in week 5 and lost most of the year.

Dalton, the former Cincinnati Bengals QB pitcher, barely lit the scoreboard or made anyone forget Prescott. In nine starts, The Cowboys were 4-5. in 11 games, Dalton had 14 TDs and eight Interceptions.

In fact, he probably helped Prescott land that huge four-year, Dallas 160 million contract with Dallas.

Some NFL analysts are more optimistic about signing than many Fans in Chicago.

“I really liked the move,” NFL network analyst Charlie Casserly told The Odd Couple on Fox Sports Radio on Tuesday. “Maybe Russell Wilson is traded? I don’t understand why they would trade it. Who knows what will happen to Deshaun Watson.”

Casserly basically said that the bears were simply running out of options. Ryan Fitzpatrick signed with Washington. The Jets reportedly purchased Sam Darnold for a second-round selection. Jacoby Brissett was not impressive when he was a starter. Joe Flacco’s ready.

QB Tyrod Taylor was available before signing to Houston.

“I’d rather Dalton than Trubisky,” Casserly said. “Dalton had his best career year with [current Bears Rude Coordinator] Bill Lazor. There is no great answer for you.”

Especially the North. Bears have a huge Mountain. The other three teams in the Division all have better Quarterbacks than the Bears, including the Green Bay Packers, who have the league’s reigning MVP in Aaron Rodgers.

And as much as people hated Mitch Trubisky, the bears were 6-3 when he was in center, and they made the playoffs with an 8-8 record. In 10 games, Trubisky threw 16 TDs and eight picks.

And when the bears defeated Trubisky last Season, they quickly discovered that Nick Foles wasn’t the answer either. Foles, however, is the perfect backup QB and can get out of the Bullpen and do a good job in Relief. We saw him in Philadelphia when he led the Eagles to their first Super Bowl title after taking over from the injured Carson Wentz.

But once you give Foles the job and do it to him, it doesn’t work anymore. You can give her the car keys for a quick run to the store, but if you give her the car directly, it usually ends up crashing. In nine games, Foles had 10 TDS and eight INTs.

That’s why the bears are back in first place with their QB situation. Their glaring weaknesses remain. Even Casserly, who loves Dalton, admits this.

“They didn’t solve their problem,” Casserly said. “In my opinion, they have improved.”

The bears didn’t need STOPGAP QB. They needed one that could get them to have a real shot in the postseason. You didn’t get it with Dalton.

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